Custom Cakes

My home kitchen is where all the magic happens.  No fancy gadgets or store front.  Just delicious and beautiful cakes! 

Check out my portfolio of work and customizing options.


To obtain a quote for your project, please fill out my request form with all the details.

Prices for cakes HIGHLY VARY depending on size, flavor and amount of detail work.  Please note that my cake business is moreso geared towards wedding cakes & larger custom cakes / X-Treme cakes.

To give you a sense of budget to expect:

  • Special Occasion / Birthday Cakes from $100
  • Wedding cakes from $150
  • Custom Sculpted / Molded Figures/Characters from $20 each
Quotes generally include standard cake flavors and icing flavours. Standard fondant work and trim. *any specialty toys for cake, candles, expensive toppers, specialty cake flavours, icings etc. may be extra charge or provided by the client.  Cakes are prepared on a disposable tray and are boxed (where possible).


*please note that the serving sizes indicated here are MAX servings based on "wedding size slices" i.e. 1" slices.  If your cake is for a regular party (or if you will not have other desserts / fruit served with the cake, you may want to consider the cake as half its size where 2" slices would be more appropriate.

4" round (1-2 people)
6" round (up to 12 people)
6" square (up to 12 people)

8" round (up to 24 people)
8" square pan (up to 32 people)

2 Tier round 6" + 8" (up to 36 people)

10" round (up to 38 people)

9" square (up to 40 people)

12" round (up to 56 people)

2 Tier round 8" + 10" (up to 62 people)

12" square pan (up to 72 people)

3 Tier round 6" + 8" + 10" (up to 74 people)

14" round (up to 78 people)

1/2 Slab Sheet Cake (rectangle) 11" x 15" (up to 74 people)

2 tier SQUARE cake 8" + 12" (up to 104 people)

3 Tier round 8" + 10" + 12" (up to 118 people)
16" square pan (up to 128 people)

Full Sheet Cake (rectangle) 22" x 30" (up to 148 people)

4 Tier round 14" + 12" + 10" + 8" (up to 196 people)

2 tier SQUARE cake 12" + 16" (up to 200 people)

5 Tier round 14" + 12"+ 10" + 8" + 6" (up to 208 people)

3 tier SQUARE cake 8" + 12" + 16" (up to 232 people)

Other configurations of cake pan sizes available from any combination above!

Shaped & 3D Sculpted Cakes also available to suite party size

Shaped Pans Also Available:  I have a wide assortment of shaped and 3D pans available.  You can see many of them here OR Please ask!

Delivery and Pick-Up Information

Free pick-up is available at my home the morning of your event or evening before.  I bake my cakes up to  2 days prior to the event for maximum freshness and decorate the night before or day of.  Please specify your pick-up date and time in advance and try to maintain that.

Delivery in York Region and surrounding areas is available at a rate of $0.50/km there and back from my location ($15 min. delivery charge i.e. Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, Mount Albert, Keswick)CLICK HERE to calculate kilometres from you location.

IMPORTANT NOTE IF PICKING UP YOUR CAKE: This applies mainly for larger, detailed and wedding cakes.  Please note that if you choose to pick up your own cake; you are responsible for resonable handling of the cake and transportation.  Where possible; my cakes are boxed, boarded and come with "emergency repair kits" for very extreme cases where it may be required.  I strive for high quality workmanship and durable cakes; however my cakes are very detailed and can be fragile / heavy; thus they do require gentle handling.  I recommend air conditioned vehicles, short trips, less bumpy routes (i.e highway routes are always best); as well as holding the cake on someone's lap OR laying it on a completely flat surface that it will not move around on. Thank you for your understanding.

Fondant Colours

I am currently using Liberty Virgin Ice fondant products.  Below is a listing of all the colour options available in this line; however colour matching and custom colours are always an option.  Please advise which colours you would like to see on your cake.  

Ordering / Payment & Cancellation Terms

As is the case wiith many "rules"; these have been put into place only because I've been burned in the past :(  I hate to have any rules at all, but as a small business owner, I am sure you will be able to understand and respect that these may be necessary to state for some.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Orders ~ Orders are NOT confirmed until you have received written or verbal confirmation and a quote from myself.  Should you have any questions about the status of your order or date confirmation, please contact me!

Payment ~
Payment for services is acceptable at the time of pick up.  Cash or cheques made out to Connie Berenguer are greatly appreciated.  For projects exceeding $150 in value (e.g Extreme Cakes & Wedding Cakes), I would respectfully ask for a 50% deposit in advance to confirm your order.  Email money transfers to are also accepted.   Cakes will NOT be released until payment in full has been made.  If you are sending someone to pick up your order, please ensure that they have payment.  Please also be sure to bring change with you as I do not always have some on hand.

Change / Postpone & Cancellation Policy ~ I fully understand that things come up and plans may change.  For this reason, cancellation, change and postponing of orders will be treated on a case by case basis.  Generally speaking; however a minimum of 2 weeks notice is required for all order changes/ postponing and cancellations.   As a small business owner and 1 women shop, I only take a max number of orders per week in order to guarantee my quality of work. If you cancel a order it means lost business for me, as I've saved that spot for you.  If you choose to postpone an order, I cannot guarantee that I will have a spot for you when you need it again.  I will always make a best effort to accommodate; however overtime charges may apply if I am fully booked already.   Due to the extensive detail work on my cakes and multitude of ingredients and supplies; I may have prepped for your project up to 2 weeks in advance of your order date.   Please be sure to provide well in advance notice of any changes to your order.

Cake Cutting Guides

Use these as a guideline when serving your cake :)