Event Planning Fees

Before you consider the cost of an event planner, I think it is important to first understand the cost and complexity associated with planning an event :)  Oftentimes people contact me regarding event planning services without understanding the costs associated with having an event in the first place :) To be sure that you understand the depth and options associated with an event, please read this section first on What's In An Event?

Can I Afford An Event Planner? 

This is a common question  / concern that any person would have.  Allow me to clarify :)

Most of my clients by the end of their process are wondering how they could have afforded NOT to hire an event planner :)  The fact of the matter is that hiring an event planner is a matter of personal choice.  Do you enjoy planning events?  Do you have time to plan your event?  Do you have contacts and resources for vendors that you need for your event?  Depending on the answers to this question you may or may not want to consider a planner.  Luckily I have different event planning packages for various common customer needs...


This service is ideal for individuals who need help getting started with their event ideas, who are well underway and have some questions or who have hit a road-block in their event planning and need some questions answered. Consulting can be a one-time meeting or an on-going service.  Bring your questions to the table with a professional event planner and leave with a bunch of ideas for consideration and things to think of.  I am here to help! 


This is the most common service of an event planner.  This service is for those who have planned everything themselves and need someone to help finalize the details and coordinate the actual day for them.  Without a professional planner handling all the details, who will make sure everything you planned actually happens?


This service is for those who have planned everything themselves (including their day-of schedule of events) and just need a 3rd party person to oversee that their plan happens the way it was intended and to deal with any day-of items that occur.

•$35/hour for a day of event coordinator only (min 10 hours commitment requested for services)


This service is for couples who would like a wedding coordinator working with them throughout the entire wedding planning process.

•10-20% of your total event budget is the average cost of an event planner from concept to completion.  Your fee would be determined based on your budget and the complexity in the planning.  This percentage is a general rule of thumb for budgeting purposes. 
•Typical full wedding planning fees can range from $2500-$5500 depending on size, complexity and budget of the wedding
•Min $500 event planning fee for events where the total event budget is $2000 or less
•NOTE: that I DO NOT make money off of my 3rd party vendor contacts.  Many event planners get a "kick back" from their recommended vendors; however I choose to give my clients the BEST POSSIBLE RATE from my referred vendors and pass the savings onto them directly.  Thus many of my clients find they SAVED MONEY by hiring me :)