Event Planning Policies


For contracts under $3000 ~a 50% deposit is due at the time of contracting.  The remaining balance is due at event completion.  For contracts over $3000 payment terms are 50% at contracting, 35% 1 month prior to event and 15% at event completion.  Payment can be made by cash, cheque or EMT to Connie Berenguer.


Payments & Contracts To 3rd Party Vendors:

You (the client) are responsible for contracting and remitting payments to 3rd party vendors directly.   Your event planner is not responsible for signing contracts or remitting payments to vendors.  Thus, you are solely liable for accounts payable to vendors and I do not assume any responsibility for unpaid bills.


Cancelled Events Policy:

Due to the fact that I book event planning clients exclusive to their dates (and thus say no to other projects as a result), deposits made for events are NON REFUNDABLE.  Should you cancel an event for any reason, you are still responsible to pay for services rendered up until that point in the planning process.   Due to the nature of advance event planning and the fact that an event is generally pre-planned well in advance, it is generally possible that payment in full could still be due for a cancelled event.  A time sheet can be provided for determining the appropriate amount.